Basic and The Most Important HTML Tag Code

Hey, this tutor is for the new bies (beginner).
Hustling for code ?
Hustle ends today you meet where all the needs about internet are found

Helping into your very brain is a great deal and you should be more glad you are doing it. If you were my kind just know you are helping something which must help you in return.

Now let’s go !!
As I always said, you must have a notebook which you will write every given code in incase of incasity

E.g Welcome To my site

Welcome To my site

Welcome To my site

School 2: LINK CODE
You must understand that any text you cliq that direct you to a page is called “Text on link” and also any clickable image is called “Image on link”

Text on Link code:
<a href=”http://site-name”>site name</a> example:
<a href=””></a> remove all star (*)

Image on Link code:

<a href=””><img src=”image-link”/></a> remove all star (*) and replace image-link with the link of the photo you want use

School 3: Spacing and other supporting tag

Paragraph: <br/><br/>
Remove all star (*)

Small gap: &nbsp;
Copyright: © &
……..: >> &#187;
Place at center: <
Bold text:
b> Text </b>
Copy box:
textarea> Item </textarea>
Replace “item” to anything you want there. Remove all star (

School 4: Image code
You think image shows like that after upload like social media’s ?
No. There’s is something behind it like “Link code”.
Now let’s go crack the shinning egg

How to upload image: Go to “file manager” click on “Upload file” select your image and click on “Upload”. If upload was successful
it will direct you back to “file manager” showing your uploaded file, click on it
You will see this

Basic and the most important HTML tag code, Basic and The Most Important HTML Tag Code, 360okay

Two links there, copy one of them

Note: every code must be placed in /tag

Go to “/tag”
Write it like this <img src=”image-link”/>
Replace image-link with the link you copied under the uploaded image (paste). Remove star (

So, the code to show image is
<img src=”image-link”/>
And also you can resize to your taste using
img src=”image-link” width=”50px” height=”50px”/>

That’s all
The next lesson will be “Being a blogger on Wapkiz/Waphosts”

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