Being A Blogger in Wapkiz

Welcome dear !!
Are you dreaming of becoming a or you are helping your dream to come true ?

Yeah becoming a / is a great deal. It’s good to start from Wapkiz because there you shall know all the secret in Html and how you can set a suitable blog

First: Beginner is adviced to use Template, with this you agree to let Wapkiz teach you it’self.

Apply template gives you some privilege

(1): All the needs has been set you just need to customize to your taste with the knowledge you have
(2): Themes and the pages has been set, Also Header and Footer

Becareful while editing, edit only what you understand to avoid distraction

How to apply template:
Login to your Wapkiz panel click on “Present (Template)”

Then you will see this, follow as seen in this screenshot

Just cliq on “Apply”.

Now you have a ready made blog
we opto help you with
Let’s go !!

Your blog look like this

Don’t worry you are making it.

How to add title to a page:
Don’t forget every code must be placed in “HTML/tag” box.

Locate “Panel” cliq on HTML/tag

Copy & paste the following code in that big box

Remove all star (*)

How to edit content:
Maybe you miswrite a code or wish to edit any item

Can you see this at the top of your blog View >> Item >> Panel ???
Cliq on “Item”
you will see this

E. Stand for Edit
C. Stand for Copy into two
X. Stand for Cancel
[up]. you understand
[down]. you understand

How to post:
This is very important for beginner and professional cuz many doesn’t know this they use Shout out box instead.

Now I show you how to make an editable post

Locate “Panel” cliq on “Bloglist”

Cliq on “[+Add New Post]”

You are there, just follow this instruction

Bid: write blog
Title: write Nairamarley ft Zlatan – suspect
Post Text (bbcode): write <img src=”image-link”/><br/><br/> This is a new song from your favorite artist Nairamarley ft Zlatan <br/><br/><a href=”link”>DOWNLOAD NOW !!</a>

Remove all star (*)
Replace image-link with link of photo you want use as cover
Replace download-link with the file link. Then cliq on “Post”

In case you did mistake just cliq on “Edit”

Now check your site you will see what you just did

That’s all, don’t forget to drop comment

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