{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Written by mhiz Vivian
Episode 02*

Having taken his lunch skyle left the house strolling out a bit

Mostly to get away from his dad whom he dislike a lot

As he walked ,he kept on looking…he also had his camera with him

One thing he does when bored is taking pictures of different things

Luna ran as fast as her legs could Carry her
” Oh God not again…what is wrong with me ?? He asked herself knowing she was late

The cold breeze blew her hair as she ran and even made her more pretty…..

Skyle stood from a distance,soon he was able to notice Luna as she ran so fast …

” Who’s she ?? He asked himself also without giving himself an answer

” Click ” that was his camera …. without thinking,he took a picture of her from behind…..he couldn’t see her face probably

Taking the picture,he smiled looking at it
” Nice shot “


Luna stood still ,she couldn’t open her phone to check if she had been chosen or won the scholarship

But definitely she really tried her best
” Gimme that if you aren’t ready to check ” Nicole said grabbing her phone

” Oh oh my goodness” Nicole screamed still looking at the phone

” Am so proud of you girlfriend” Nicole said while Luna still closed her eyes trying to take in what she had heard

” Slowly she opened her eyes ,with a bit of tears which was about falling”

” I made it ” she screamed jumping while Nicole joined too

” Mom am gonna make you proud ,I promise” Luna said with a heart filled with joy

Written by mhiz Vivian O.

Standing at the gate , suddenly,she became nervous again… unable to go into the school

Luna just stood staring…. taking her deep breath,she walked in

Slowly and gently…

” Oh wow ….. isn’t this too much for a mere school….??
She walked unable to locate her classroom

Still walking unaware of where she was going ,she bumped into someone

” Hello ,” Luna greeted while Daniel stared at her
” Never has he ever compliment a lady before but this one would be different… definitely she was so so pretty”

Coming back to his senses ….
” A fresher ?? He asked softly with so much sweetness in his voice

Luna nodded also looking at him
” Nicole was right ..they are way more handsome than I ever imagined” she said to herself

” Follow me ” Daniel said while Luna nodded her head following him

They all stared at her … whispering
” A fresher?? Who’s she ?? Guess she’s pretty!!

The teacher came towards Luna
” Good morning dear …may I know your name ?? She asked Luna who nodded shyly seeing so many people staring at her

” Am Luna ,Luna Richard”

” Class this is Luna ….I hope we all get along and treat her nicely ok …” The teacher said

” Go take your sit dear ” Luna walked slowly looking for a sit ……

She came towards Daniel about sitting beside him when Cindy stood up giving her a ” don’t you dare ” look

Feeling a bit scared ,she moved towards the only other available sit which was beside skyle

Kira looked at her also giving her a ” you are so dead if you sit there ” look

Also feeling scared ,she was about moving away when skyle held her by the hand

” Sit ” he said without staring at her or anyone just his books

Everyone staring in shock kept on whispering to each other

” Seems like she doesn’t know who I am ” Kira said to herself smiling while Luna took a seat beside skyle

” She has just touched the tigeress tail ” Cindy replied …Kira ,Cindy and Betty looked at each other again then smile

Definitely they all understood the language

TBC 💖💖💖