{ academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Solely written by mhiz Vivian 💖
Episode 03

” Woahhh this is so the best class ever … definitely I learnt so many things today …

Luna looked at her book again,she had jotted down so many things already and they were perfect….

That will be all for today class ..see you all again next week ” that was the teacher as she stood up packed her books and left the class

Kira glared at Cindy who smiled while Betty grinned

They all looked back a little seeing Luna looking at her book

Kira gave Cindy a signal … meaning they would wait till break to carry out their mission

Meanwhile skyle bent down tieing his shoe lace properly when his eyes caught hold of Luna’s shoe

It’s wasn’t the type the daughter of a billionaire would wear
Definitely it had no sense of fashion at her

Soon his eyes went towards her fresh long legs
His eyes kept on moving forward till they got to her knee

The school uniform was a short one …brown short skirt ,white top and a school suit which was also brown

Suddenly his eyes went to her large but skimpy waist

It was then he discovered she would really have a good shape

He kept on staring but soon he heard Luna’s voice

” Thanks ” Luna said bending a little to get a better view of him

She smiled which made her look way more pretty

” Yeah ” that was all skyle could say while he looked at the stunning Cinderella next to him

This made Kira so so angry … feeling like she could explode

She hit her table so so hard … cursing beneath

“” Diinnnnggggg” that was the bell signifying lunch time

Slowly all students stood up one after the other leaving the class

This made Kira smile the more … knowing that it was times to deal with Luna

Luna heaved deeply.
” Who would I ask for note …I really need to copy them down .I must have missed so much ” Luna said a bit moody

All the while Daniel sat down with his eyes focused on his books
He hadn’t said a word in class

Most times students would wonder if he was actually dumb
He was always the quiet type

But still Cindy liked him a lot …. Daniel was one handsome guy girls would fight for but Cindy was ready to kill all standing in her way

Soon Daniel stood up heading towards Luna
He stretched his hands towards her with a book in his hands

” Here have this ” Daniel said placing the book on her table

Luna eyes widened the more
Just when she needed it the most

” Can he really read my mind ?? She asked herself silently

Other students who were still in class looked in suprise

” What …?? Daniel talking?? They asked each other

Luna would be the first newbie Daniel would be talking to

Seeing this Cindy became more and more angry
She felt like strangling Luna to death

” She’s gonna pay ” she said

Skyle also looked in suprise

Soon more students left the class and then followed by Luna

She wanted to find a quiet place to read and write
As some students refuse to leave the class

Seeing her leaving,Kira signalled looking at her two friends

They all followed behind Luna who walked innocently

Passing a short cut ….the waited for her inside one of the rooms in the school which was not been used often

Luna walked smiling…..
” He’s really so kind …..and mostly cute too ” Luna said too herself

Ohhh Nicole die to here this ,so much gist ” she said again

” I really can’t wait tooo” She couldn’t complete her statement as she was being dragged into a room she knew nothing about

” Arrrggh ” Luna screamed as she was being pushed forcefully on the floor

Betty had a sharp scissors with her ,while Cindy had a bowl of water ,the Kira a bowl of sand with her

They all laughed together

” Hiii there …the newbie right ??? Kira asked

Luna shook with so much fear …she remembered the eyes both Kira and Cindy gave her

But she definitely didn’t know what her offence was

” Wait till I cut those long hair of yours ……I really wonder how ugly you’ll look after I do … maybe guys will keep on complimenting you ” Betty said .she laughed again coming closer to Luna who moved back so scared

” Wait ….not so fast ….she needs to suffer a little before that for messing with the wrong people…right girls ???

” That’s will be a wonderful idea …..” Cindy replied smiling widely

They all moved closer to her ,while Luna sat on floor unable to escape
She had tears Falling from her eyes already

” Am so sorry …..what did I do …..pls don’t hurt me pls am begging you ” Luna begged still so scared

” Awwwn so cute ,she’s pleading”
” Girls should we pity her ??? Kira asked

” Definitely not ” Cindy and Betty said laughing together again

Kira grabbed her forcefully and roughly while Cindy covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming

” Mmmmmm…pllllssss” Luna shouted ,she couldn’t scream properly

Just then ,Kira landed a very hard , resounding slap on Luna’s face which made fall roughly on the floor in pain

To be continued……