{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

               Episode 05 

By mhiz Vivian

Luna walked into the classroom feeling a bit weak
” Shouldn’t I just leave this school?? I don’t think I can cope with all this “

She tried so much not to show any sign of the pain she was feeling

Skyle looked at her ,her cheek was a bit read ,

He kept on looking at it for a while not untill she looked at him.

While Daniel sat on his seat still with his book ,he pretended like he knew nothing….he just did like someone who doesn’t even know Luna

Luna groaned in pain a little before sitting which skyle noticed

While the Kbc girls shot her a deadly look again
Luna felt like running away for her dear life

” Mom ,what am I gonna do ?? She asked herself silently unable to give herself an answer

Fear was written all over her face ,but she had to stay strong for her mom


taking her bagpack ,Luna left the class not wanting to even look at the Kbc girls

She hurriedly ran outside while Daniel looked at her without saying a word

Outside the school,she stood waiting for a cab

” Ohhhhhh…his suit ….oh gosh I forgot to return his suit ….” Luna said to herself

Turning around to go back to class ,her thoughts again got filled with meeting the Kbc girls on her way

” Those cold hearted piece of junks ” Luna cursed silently

She clenched her fist so hard like someone ready to fight

” I wish Nicole was here !!!!! Luna said remembering Nicole had always been the one protecting her since high school

Nicole was more of a fighter,while she was more of a calm type

” I’ll just wash it and return it tomorrow” Luna concluded moving forward as she walked down to the bus stop

All through,skyle had been in his car watching her ,

” Isn’t she the daughter of a billionaire??? He asked himself countless times

” Hmmmmmm” skyle signed deeply driving away
Before he did ,he looked at her shoe again

Written by mhiz Vivian O.
Skyle sat down in his room, feeling a bit restless…as always,his dad wasn’t home

His books were beside him , feeling tired he stood up to sleep a bit

Just then something fell from his table , ,he picked it up looking at it

He only smiled looking at it . about dropping it back on the table ,he felt something

Looking at the pictures clearly,he had this feeling he had seen the girl in the picture

” The shape ,the hair ,a bit of the face ,he felt he definitely has seen her “

Unable to find out ,he dropped the picture back ……..

Luna sat down with Daniel’s suit in her hands ,

She just kept on smiling without even knowing she was smiling

Her cheeks were getting red bit by bit thinking about how he helped her

Ironing it ,and packing it well ,she smiled at it again before placing it into her bag

The smile kept on increasing without her notice ………….

            Daniel pov 

With flowers and a really big teddy bear looking so beautiful….. Daniel walked into the psychiatric hospital

” Here room 204 VIP” he said to one of the nurses on duty

” Hold on a minute sir ” the nurse replied

” Confirmed sir ,pls you can go in ……..

Daniel walked with a bit of joy ……..he never smiled in front of anyone including his grandfather except for the woman he’s going to meet

Slowly,he walked so eager to see her again as he missed her so much…………

To be continued………………

Sorry it’s late ,been busy

I wonder who alone makes our Daniel smile 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔