Empress Njamah Admits to Slapping and Seizing Her Passport


h1>Empress Njamah Admits to Slapping, and Seizing Her Passport

Empress Njamah admits to Slapping, and Seizing Her Passport

Josh Wade, the supposed fiancé of popular Nollywood Actress Empress Njamah, has broken his silence following allegations leveled against him by her.

Recall that the actress had taken to social media to cry out over being blackmailed by a supposed scammer who was in possession of her videos.

In an exclusive interview with Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Josh Wade admitted that he had slapped the actress and seized her passport because she owes him 450,000 dollars and would have jet off to US.

He disclosed that she and the actress got engaged on the 18th of August, and he had proposed to her with a ring worth, $49,800.

Josh also admitted he’s in control of her Instagram account and was the one who posted her engagement video.

He claimed that after they had issues, she ran off to her brothers place, alleging also that the actress and her brother have been scamming people and had thought their scam would work on him too.