How To Set Out Pages Link With Css in Wapkiz

Welcome to this great tutor ( out pages link in (with css). E.g MUSIC || VIDEO || GIST || NEWS || LOGIN || REGISTER

Beginner: You must know that your site has unlimited pages, you just need to give them name by creating them

create Page: Login to your panel, click on “Page”
you will see this

Just input “Music” and click on “Add new page”.
Do the rest like that, create as many pages you want.

Now go to “Header” click in the dashboard and select “HTML/Tag”, click on go

In that big box just copy and paste the following code there


Remove all star (*)

And also there’s another way which we call “Drop down box”

Copy and paste the following code in “HTML/tag”

That’s all 🤗🤗🤗
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