Jobs in the UK for immigrants - Work in UK

Jobs in the UK for immigrants – Work in UK

If you clicked here to know about Jobs in the UK for immigrants, know that you are in the right place. In this article, you will find out work in UK there.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries in Europe with the highest demand for workers. And despite the new immigration system that has tightened entry conditions, the country still needs both skilled and unskilled labor.

So if you are thinking of  looking for a job in the United Kingdom, in this article I leave you a guide with  everything you need to know  to start your search successfully.

Jobs in the UK for immigrants

Apart from professionals, in the country of England personnel are required for both manual and technical jobs. It is worth mentioning that a immigrants who has experience in any kind of work and who also has command of the English language, may have access to a visa that will allow them to find good job offers in England.

Here are jobs for immigrants in this UK:

Technical specialties

Immigrants who have a technical specialty, who are fluent in English and have work experience, can feel confident about succeeding in England.

On the other hand, in industrialized cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, they frequently need highly trained technical personnel. Among the technical jobs in which immigrants as well as citizens of different nationalities are needed, we can mention the following:

  • Electrician
  • Architectural technician
  • Quality control
  • Maintenance electrician
  • Dental laboratory technician
  • Maintenance mechanic
  • Universal welder
  • Refrigeration technician

It is worth mentioning that the salary of an Immigrant in the country of England will depend exclusively on the experience as well as the age of the employee. Most of them will have a 37-hour work week with an average hourly wage of £6-8, which works out to roughly $10-13 per hour.

Customer service

Regarding the customer service sector, we can say that a large number of immigrants work in it. It is worth mentioning that both men and women who are under 28 years of age will be able to find different job offers that will allow them to work in hotels and restaurants serving as waitresses, waiters, bellboys, valet parking, among others.

These jobs have a 40-hour work week with a salary of 5 to 6 pounds. We must state that these jobs are perfect for young International college students who want to finance the beginning of their studies.

Construction Sector

One of the companies that hire more immigrants in the country of England are the companies that are dedicated to construction, the same ones that hire personnel for labor, interior design, surveyors, construction machine management, technicians in construction materials, among others. For these jobs what matters most is work experience.

It is worth mentioning that the approximate working hours are 38 per week. On the other hand, labor is rated between 8 and 10 pounds per hour and technicians per hour between 8 and 15 pounds.


Being able to work as a nurse in England is a bit difficult, except if you have all the requirements, you could get a very well paid job. It is worth mentioning that nurses must necessarily have a degree and in other cases, have their degrees recognized at a nursing school in the country of England.

The working hours for weekly nurses in rotating shifts is 38 hours, in the first year. His salary varies per hour between 8 and 16 pounds.

How to look for work in the United Kingdom?

1- Internet

To begin with, it is best to go looking for a job online. So you can get to know how the market is in the United Kingdom, in the sectors that interest you.

Here are some of the best-known job search websites that will be useful to you:

  • Total jobs
  • Reed
  • indeed
  • com For hospitality jobs.
  • toplanguagejobs For jobs where you are required to speak languages ​​other than English.

There are also websites like Linkedin  and Monster, pages where you must fill out your profile and companies interested in people with your experience can contact you.

If you have the option, use Visa sponsorship in the filters.

Something that I advise is to look for work among the occupations with high demand. These add 20 points in the immigration system and will come in handy to reach the total of 70 . On the UK government website you have an updated list of professions and sectors in high demand.

2- Employment Agencies in the United Kingdom

– Intermediary Labor Agencies

What these agencies do is find you a job or help you to do so , in exchange for a certain amount of money. That is, they facilitate all the work that we explain in this article.

There are agencies that offer packages with accommodation and English schools included that can be interesting. In the end, the decision to hire one of these offers or not is yours, but what I advise you is that you inform yourself well about the conditions of each company before paying anything.

– Recruitment Agencies

These are still temporary employment agencies, they are usually organized by sector and they do not charge you anything for looking for work.

Most of them tend to operate in specific cities or regions, so if you want a job in a particular place you can look at these agencies. Contact them if you are interested in any of their offers or simply to leave them your CV.

They’re a good place to start, especially when you don’t have experience in your field or are looking for a rush job. At  you can find recruitment agencies in the UK by city.

3- Job Centers

The ‘Job Centers’ in the UK are the equivalent of employment offices in Spain (INEM).

Apart from processing the Insurance Number and aid ( Benefits ) they also offer job search services. They receive quite a few every week and you can find jobs of all kinds.

You can search for these jobs from the government website.

4- Newspapers and Magazines

It is the most traditional method, but difficult if you are out of the country. Although some newspapers have an online job search section, such as The Guardian.

5- Job Fairs

The main cities of the United Kingdom usually organize several job fairs or ‘Careers Fairs’  throughout the year.

If you have the possibility to go, do not hesitate, since you can find good opportunities. Print several CVs and stop by the different stands of the fair that interest you the most.

6- Mouth to Mouth

Do not hesitate to tell your friends or acquaintances that you are looking for work. They may know of vacancies in their companies, recommend agencies or know of companies that are currently looking for people.

In addition, many companies have a referral program, so in some cases, you may have a better chance of getting that job if you have been recommended or referred by a worker from the same company.

What is the salary in the UK?

In unskilled jobs, such as hotels, supermarket cashiers, store clerks, etc. earns minimum wage, about £1,300 a month, working 8 hours a day.

In the case of the hotel industry, if you are moderately good and you are improving with your English, it is not difficult to move up, since here they usually employ quite a lot of staff and there is a great difference between waiters, busboys, managers with which you can opt for a better salary to which you could also add tips.

In more skilled jobs, the salary could easily start as low as £20,000 a year. From there up, depending on your experience.

As in other parts of the world, in the UK you will also have to be aware of scams.

On job search websites it is very easy for some false offers to sneak in, but there are certain points that can help you detect them. For example, if they ask you to call special rate numbers such as 803, 806, 807 or to send them an email or message with your bank or card details first.

As a general rule, reject any offer in which they ask you for money, this is the easiest way to detect that it is false.

Be suspicious of those who ask you for money in advance to sign a contract, to reserve your job, for processing fees, etc. This also includes those offers that offer you work from home and ask you for money to send materials, guides, etc.

There is nothing to pay, so do not send money to anyone.

The exception to this are the agencies that are dedicated to finding you a job in exchange for a certain amount of money. This is perfectly legal and they may ask you a fair amount for their services. But before paying anything, find out about the company, look at its website, if it has a phone number, email, address, read its reviews on the internet… and if you see something suspicious, simply go to another.

In most of these cases just follow the rule, if you think it’s too good to be true, it’s not true.