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Solely written by: Oluwagbotemi o.✍️
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An epic story 🔥


💙Episode 8💙

Red, Daniel and Jeremy alighted from the limousine. Red adjusted his collar and his blue hair. He really looked handsome and cool. His blue eyes blinked. The school environment was quiet and cool. Red was very excited that no one will bother him for a little while that no girl will try to scream out his name.

“The environment is really Quiet, Thank God” Jeremy said. Jeremy is really popular among girls.

Daniel scrolled through his phone checking some instagram posts. Then he saw Naomi’s viral video.

“Wow, this girl is fucking good..Even Regina can’t rap like this” Daniel muttered.

He logged out of his Instagram page and dipped his phone inside his pocket.

They entered the gate. it opened automatically.
They walked straight to the class.

Red didn’t greet the teacher. He just entered the class with his friends and walked straight to his seats.The students started cheering him.

“Quiet!” The teacher shouted and the students kept Quiet.

Sophie pecked Red on his lips. Regina did the same thing to Daniel.
Jeremy stared at Genesis. She felt awkward and moved her eyes away. The girls snapped Red and sophie together.The girls were drooling over him while the boys were hailing him.

Remita covered her face again.
Naomi couldn’t stop staring at Red. She fell in love with Red immediately. She didn’t know when she started taking his pictures.
She stopped snapping and hide her phone.

“Quiet!” The teacher shouted again.

Everyone diverted their attention to the scholars again. Daniel saw Naomi. She recognized her to be the girl he saw on Instagram.
Daniel has become the number one fan of Naomi.

“I have just forgotten your names,please re introduce yourselves” The teacher said.

“I am patricia, pius. The third scholarship winner” Patricia said.

The teacher nodded positively

“I am Naomi johnson, the second scholarship winner and this is my sister, Remita Johnson the first scholarship winner” Naomi said.

Then Red raised his head up. it seems like he kinda recognize the body of Remita. But has not seen her face.
Red wondered why Remita covered her face.

“Why is the first scholarship winner covering her face?? Does she have a poop on her face??” Red suddenly blurts out.

The whole class burst into laughter. Fear gripped Remita. Her body began shaking.

~Oh Goodness, what kind of life have I put myself into??~ Remita thought inwardly.

Remita felt really bad and she felt like crying. Little things do hurt her but no matter what she would never cry.

The class became silent again waiting for Remita to remove the hoodie she used to cover her face.

“Are you deaf Remita?? Why can’t you uncover your face??” Sophie said wickedly.

Naomi didn’t say anything she kept staring at Red like a fool.

Genesis felt bad for her. Remita didn’t know what she could do. She gripped her bag tightly and ran out of the class.

Everyone was surprised. Genesis stood from her seat and ran after her.

“Remita!! Remita! Remita!” Genesis shouted after her.
Remita ran as fast as she could. She didn’t know where she was running too. But she kept running.

Genesis ran as fast as she could too and later catch up with her. Genesis panted holding her chest. she has never ran like that before.

Remita’s hoodie fall off then Genesis saw her full face. She was stunned.

~she looks like an angel, oh my gosh ~ Genesis thought inwardly.

Remita coughed out.She was very scared.

“Hey! What happened to you?? Are you okay?” Genesis asked touching her shoulder.

Remita stared at her.”Talk to me” Genesis said.

Remita just stared at her. Then she remembered Genesis face has her role model.
She hugged Genesis immediately. Genesis became confused.

Remita beamed with smile. She finally met Genesis Santa Cruz her role model.

Genesis hugged her back.

She disengaged from the hug.

~ I am sorry but I can’t talk…i am so happy to finally meet you my role model. You are the reason why i love perfumes…i am your biggest fan ~ Remita wrote happily.

Genesis read it and smiled.

“You are welcome…i love you too Remita…you look like an angel though..you are so beautiful…can you be my friend??” Genesis said.

Remita nodded happily.

~Finally i became friends with my Role model~ Remita thought inwardly.

“You can call me anytime you need my Help” Genesis said and dialed her phone number on Remita’s phone.

“Let’s go to class..’ Genesis said.

Remita agreed.

Then she used her hoodie to cover her face again.

Genesis smiled.

They both entered the class holding each other’s hands.

The students saw it.Remita sat down beside Genesis.

Red looked at her. He was so interested in her but could not see her face. He really felt guilty saying that to her. He knew he had hurt her with the statement.
He is looking for every way to apologize but he was distracted with Naomi winking at him.

He smiled at her but sophie became angry.

Then Remita concentrated on the projector which was displaying some musical notes.
She became frightened when she saw a girl with a very messy hair and a pair of glasses smiling at her.
She looks like an indian.

Genesis noticed.

“Don’t get frightened by her. Her Name is Tasha Suraj. She is an indian girl. She is a weird and strange prophetess. Whenever she smiles at anyone that means she has seen a vision about the person” Genesis explained and Remita nodded positively.

Tasha kept smiling at her. Remita tried smiling back at her but the smile faded away when she remembered what Red said to her.

~Do you have poop on your face??~ His voice triggered her.

💦Lunch time💦

The aroma of different kinds of food filled the student’s nose.
Naomi swallowed a lump of saliva. She didn’t bother talking to Remita again.Naomi and Patricia went to the Cafeteria to check the foods but Naomi really knew that I and her sister cannot afford the food it is really expensive.

“Don’t worry I can afford it” Patricia said.
“Really?” Naomi said and beamed with smile.

They both walked over to the chef.
Patricia bought food for Naomi. She ate it.

Sophie,Genesis, Daniel, Jeremy, Regina went to the cafeteria.

Remita waited behind in class to do her assignment because she knew that she won’t be able to do it as because she would be looking for a job after school.

Only Remita, Tasha and Red remain in class.

Red looked for a way to get close with Remita. Because he felt guilty…He really wants to apologize.He stood up and wanted to move close to her then he stopped on his track when he saw Tasha walking up to her.

Tasha laughed hysterically, this frightened Remita again……..

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