Nollywood Actress – Toyin Adewale, Opens Up On Her Relationship With Her Son Mayorkun

, a , who also happens to be the mother of , spoke up .
She said she initially wasn’t willing to allow to venture into the music industry, because she understood what it entailed.

According to her, it was ’s father, who eventually convinced her otherwise.

Like any other Nigerian mother, Mrs Adewale revealed that she still keeps her eyes on her son, and brings him back on track whenever he’s deviating.

Celebrated Nollywood entertainer is certainly one superstar that has a lot to be thankful for as she is among not many, whose child has attained stardom and built a name for himself in the music industry.

Recently, the entertainer granted an interview with the magazine – City People, in which she disclosed issues regarding her relationship with her son – .

Adewale said the youngster had always had a passion for music since childhood and played an essential role in the church choir, yet she never imagined him venturing into music at an expert level.

In her words; “I never knew Mayowa will go into music. He used to be a junior choir master while in the choir, but never knew he would go this far because he has always been a very quiet, easy-going person.”

The loving mother confessed to withholding her blessings since she was terrified and has been in the business for a really long time to recognize what it involves.

Be that as it may, with the intercession of ’s father, the entertainer said she was persuaded to give him a chance.

In her words; “It was his father who said Toyin, let’s give him a chance, he studied banking in school.”

Regarding her relationship with her son, the loving mother disclosed that she knows the verses of his tunes offhand from beginning to end and keeps an eye on him.

In her words; “I follow and monitor him all the time. In fact, if he has the power to send me out of Instagram, he would have done that since, because I am always on his page every day.”

The entertainer likewise said she has a ton of screen captures on her page which was taken from ’s Instagram page. Mrs Adewale disclosed that she always calls him to order, whenever she sees anything that isn’t right.

In her words; “If I show you my phone you will see different pictures that I screen munched from his page, once I see anything unusual, I snap and call his attention to it, he will be like a mummy, please give me a breathing space.”

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