Post List And it’s Tag Code in Wapkiz

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Today’s topic base on how to get people in love with Wapkiz blog because many thinks Wapkiz is harder which does not.

You Know as a blogger who chose to use free platform you need to have some Division In an HTML Document (Div). As in some Css classes with different name
If you haven’t have it yet please copy the following code

Go to “PANEL” click on “Css theme”. You will see this

click on “Edit full css”. Paste the code you have just copied in that big box

Now you are good to go

There are two ways to set your post displayer now am giving you the common one you might have been starving for.

Copy the following code paste it in HTML/tag


Copy the following code paste it in HTML/tag

Remove star (*)

Do you know ? You can edit this code when pasted on your own affair.
Now am showing you post tag. Pls read carefully and understand it better

Post tag:

%id% stand for post id
%title% showing post title
%bid% showing post folder e.g (Music)
%date% post written date
%sn% post number in count
%text% post text
%text-30% post text in short 30 character
%count% number of post in a folder example [blog]bid=Music,l=0,no=0||%count%[/blog]

bid= display by folder e.g bid=Music

l= list by specific number e.g l=10

o=u sort by latest
o=ul sort by oldest
o=h sort by rating we use this to display popular post

s=:to-page: contain paging
no= text to display when there’s nothing in a folder e.g no more post or no post yet

usr=:to-user: display post by user, we use this in user timeline
usr=:my_name: we use this in own profile view and bio especially Bio

That’s all, don’t forget to drop comment

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