(He’s A Dangerous Mafia🔞_She’s A Slût👠)


Chapter 2

“You can’t do this to me “Melanie said lowly,her eyes trying its possible best not to let the tear escape

She promised her self never to shed tears in front of anyone. Be it a male or a female
But in this case,she’s too weak.
She’s been deflowered in the gruesome way possible, torture and maltreated beyond anything hunan like but she was strong but now…

She’s been sold,after getting so close to repaying the debt her father owes; she’s been sold to Lewis Flyheart.
He’s a drug lord, a mafia,a ruthless kîller.

Is she gonna survive!?

“Lanie,I can and just did. Indeed you have a sweet cûnt,the most requested sèx worker in this brøthel but Lanie. I need cash quick so yes. I sold you, wishing you a happy life of unlimited prostîtution “Brandon waved with a smrik plastered on his face

Melanie fought back the tear,she gazed at Lewis and found him staring at her;coldy
He began walking and when he approached the door,she moved away. He never spared her a glance but continued walking.

“What is it ?”Melanie asked lightly at the guard standing besides her

“Lord Lewis ordered me to accompany you to the car “he replied in a hoarse voice

Melanie stared hatefully at Brandon one last time and then stepped out
“Don’t worry about your bags,just follow me” he said.

“Wait” the guard halted her. Melanie gave him a curious look watching him pull off his coat

“Tie this around your waist “he said and she nodded. Melanie totally forgot she’s still wearing a g-string.


Entering the limo,Melanie heaved a deep sigh. She glanced at the brøthel as the limo began moving.
The past 3 years of her existence has been spent in her; offering her body to any one that comes her way

“Name’s Eros” the guard formally introduced himself. Melanie said nothing but continued glancing outside

“Where are you taking me to?,the graveyard cartel ?”she asked and he smiled lightly

“No,to the manison. Lord Lewis has no intention of taking you to the cartel “he replied staring at her

Indeed, Melanie is a beauty,her pouty lips and angelic eyes fitted her oval face cutely. Despite being a harlôt,her body is the most beautiful he has ever seen

“Who owns me Lewis or you !?”she snapped lightly not being able to condole the stares

“Apologies” he said and diverted his gaze

Flyheart Manison**

Lewis watched Intently from the balcony as the limo drove in. A buring cigarette held at the edge of his mouth and a bottle of vodka in the other

“Melanie Griffith” he muttered watching her alight. He watched with flatly as Eros led her into the main mansion. Lewis couldn’t help but scoff loudly seeing Eros’s coat on her waist.

“Being kind huh?,that søn of a bîtch” Lewis huffed and placed the cigarette on the ash tray

His steps well calculated and light as he descended the stairs,the pair of pants he wore slightly falling off his waist cos of the absence of a belt,he’s snowy white hair scattered all over his place face and strands of it stuck out stubbornly

“Lord Lewis,she’s here “Eros bowed down immediately he stepped into the living room

Lewis placed the alcoholic drink on the counter next to the mini-bar
“Fiona “he called and immediately a 23 years old girl dressed in a maids outfit with green eyes and a crimson colored hair rushed in

‘Yes sir “she bowed with her voice laced with respect

“Take her to the room next to mine” he ordered picking up another cigarette and lighting it on

“Yes sir “Fiona scurried to Melanie and with the hint;they both walked up the stairs

“The drugs were exchanged peacefully and Tikka did a great job my lord “Eros said and Lewis looked at him quickly

“Nice. There’s a party going down in the Brown’s mansion tomorrow. I want you and Tikka to kidnapped their daughter”

“Consider it done my lord” Eros replied

“Leave” Lewis cold voice came out

“Your room” Fiona said In a cold voice. She continued glaring hard at Melanie especially her curvy shape

She gritted her teeth in anger staring down at her pale white skin and red lips
She looked like a model;in fact a goddess. The coat did little in hiding her plumy âss,her full round and pointed tîts pricked outta the crop top she wore

“Who are you to sir Lewis ?”Fiona couldn’t help but ask. Her face was already green with envy

“His sx toy,am his new sx toy “Melanie replied facing Fiona with a blank face

Fiona couldn’t help but scoff. She couldn’t believe Melanie told her the truth; without shame

“You’re so shameless !”Fiona spat

“Thanks “Melanie replied walking to the wardrobe. She picked out a nightie and then a towel

“If you would excuse,I need to have my bath “Melanie said

“Tch,gosh. You’re so….jeez !””Fiona stuttered going outta the room

Melanie locked the door and then stared at the room;it was stupidly big,with a large queen sized bed,a big plasma tv, shelves carrying different varieties of shoes and footwear,5 big wardrobes and painted black

“My life” Melanie muttered crying sliently. She sniffed and wiped her tears away

“It’s for mum,for dad “she repeated and walked into the bathroom


The banging on the door repeatedly jerked Melanie from sleep,she got down from the bed and walked to the door

“Good morning Ms” Michelle greeted sweetly. Melanie stared at her briefly

“Morning” she replied flatly.

“Come down for your breakfast please” she added with a sweet smile

“Okay” Melanie nodded and banged the door shut

“Better than that bîtvhy Fiona “Melanie muttered having her bath quickly

Her mind drifted to her owner; Lewis Flyheart she’s always seen him on TV as the hottest billionaire in Germany but
He’s also a drug lord,a killer and the most dangerous mafia

How did she even end up like this??;it was a sacrifice she willingly took
Walking down the stairs in a maxi dress she met hah


He wore a white suit that fitted his perfect stature. Her feet turned to jelly seeing his handsome face . A gun placed next to his plate of omelettes and a pack of cigarettes
Gathering enough courage,she walked to the dinning table.

“Good morning my lord “she greeted and bowed. Lewis took his eyes off the meal,he glanced at her and then resumed eating.

“Seat” he said sharply. Melanie swelloed hard and sat down

“Your dad’s dead right?” Lewis shocking question broking the toxicity slience

“H..h..huh??” Melanie dropped her fork

“Did he saved your mum on time?,or was him mudering my parents and stealing their money didn’t cut the check?” he asked and locked eyes with her

Melanie saw hurt,pain and nothing more or less than hatred;pure hatred

“I…I…I don’t unders….”he picked up his gun and pointed it at her

“Quite !”he barked lightly. She felt fear building a tent over her body. Her blood running dry and heart almost pumping outta her chest.

“I’ll make you life miserable Melanie. Either I kîll you with my bare hands or you commit suicide by yourself”He said with cold eyes with his finger resting on the trigger

“You good for nothing daughter of a bàstard”