(He’s A Dangerous Mafia🔞_She’s A Slût👠)


Chapter 3

The rate at which her heart beat pounded was so violently she had to gnash her teeth.
Melanie held her breath trying her possible best not to breath in the toxic air

All her life she’d never think she’ll end up like this.
It just a day, not even up to a day since he brought her but. He’s threatening her!

The hell….how did Lewis even know her parents!?

They we’re never rich ,in fact ; Melanie came from a poor home,they barely ate 3 square meals a day. Her teeth began chattering staring at the gun being pointed at her

He’s not joking about kill her,he’s Lewis;the crime lord,the mafia. She doesn’t want to die like this. Getting kîlled by Lewis Flyheart in the most gruesome way possible

Lewis held unto the trigger,his fingers badly wanted to pull it making her brains drop out but not yet.
He wants to make her suffer,pass through the same thing he went through

He wants to watch her beg for death to come but it won’t.
He wants to watch Melanie Griffith die a miserable death

The sound of the door being opened followed by light footsteps made Lewis drop the gun down
He never bothered to look at who ever came in but continued eating his meal.

“Greetings my lord “Tikka bowed in respect. Her hair was packed into a long ponytail like always and with the same frown on her curvy lips

Her chic medicated glass rested on her nose making her look more badàss.
Lewis took a mouthful of waffles into his mouth and began chewing softly. Tikka exhaled lightly and then stole a quick glance at Melanie

“The exchange went as planned. Eros informed me about our mission tonight. But, there’s a problem” she said and he lifted his eyes to look at her

“What’s the matter?” he asked in his usual cold voice

“It’s only for business tycoons and CEOs. We just can’t walk in. Neither can we sneak in,the Brown’s mansion is really guided with securities.” She said staring at him. Lewis dabbed the napkin on his mouth and stood

He picked up his gun from the table and the tucked it nicely into his pocket.
He glanced at Melanie and saw her entirely covered with sweat
An idea popped into his head and he faced Tikka

“By 8 pm be here. I have a little assignment for you right now”

“Your orders are my priority “Tikka replied

“Both of you are going shopping today. Dress her up cos she’ll be accompanying me to the party” Lewis stated and stepped out.

Tikka watched him left before fixing her entire gaze on Melanie
“You’re Melanie right ?”she asked and sat next to her

“Y…y..yes “Melanie answered and exhaled loudly. Her breath already turned ragging and unsteady. Images of him pointing the gun at her made it extremely difficult for her to breath

“You’re pretty” Tikka said and Melanie calmed down. She smiled genuinely hearing someone asides from one of her client say she’s pretty

“So are you “Melanie replied and her smile Increased

“You heard lord Lewis,it’s almost noon. We should better head out know. He hates tardiness “Tikka stood up and so did Melanie

Fiona watched with glee as Tikka and Melanie exited the manison.
She rushed to the maids quarters and then slumped on the bed.
“Yes,he hates her !!”she shriked throwing her arms in the air happily

“He hates her. Gosh!,there’s a chance he can still be mine!!” Fiona placed her hand on her racing heart

Her mind drifted back to Lewis; despite his frowning face and cold attitude. She’s still crushing hard on him

What wouldn’t she??

He’s hot, sexy, dashing, breathtaking and….jeez!
She can’t name it all. He’s a demi god. Everything about Lewis irks wealth and hotness

Not like she’s after his wealth. After all, Fiona is the daughter of the president

She did a great job in disguising herself and earing a spot as one of his personal maids.
The mansion is insanely huge but Lewis being who he is; Decided only two maids are to stay in the manison,while the rest are to come and go after doing their jobs

Luckily she got employed alongside Michelle
Now her only objective is to make Lewis fall deeply in love with her but when she saw Melanie. Fiona almost lost hope.

But seeing the little scene that transpired between master and sèx slave; she’s rest assured he’ll be hers

“I need to put the other plan in action” she thought and sparnged up from bed.


The drive from the manison to the mall was awfully long
Melanie tried picking a conversation with Tikka but it seems she’s not the talking type

“Does he ever smile ?”Melanie asked and Tikka smiled

“Never,I’ve never seen him smile Mel” she answered manuvering the car

“Call me that name again, Mel!”

“Mel? Tikka called and Melanie blushed

“I love it !’Melanie shriked and Tikka couldn’t help but laugh

“I love the way you pronounce it. Me!,Oh,I love it !”Melanie said and Tikka laughed again

“Crazy “she mumbled parking the car in the parking lot.

Melanie stepped outta the car and so did Tikka. A sharp gasp escaped Melanie’s lips as she set her eyes on Gray;One of her clients

“What a small world, Ms sweet cûnt,is that you?’ he asked with a tone of mockery. He gave out an annoying smile and Melanie turned her face away

“It’ll be an honor if we had another round. You’re quite an angle In bed” he added and Tikka balled her fist

“Go fûck yourself” Melanie mouthed staring intently at him

“Tch!,look here bîtch. I was…..”a devasting punched landed on his nose

“The hell !?!”he shirked and Tikka gave him another. This time on his right cheek

“You heard her,go fûck yourself” Tikka stated staring coldy at him
Gray groaned lighty as Tikka and Melanie begun walking

“Thank you “Melanie said and Tikka smiled

“I understand your past. Ain’t good at all but still no motherfûcker is permitted to take you for granted. You know your worth” Tikka replied and got a tight hug from Melanie

“I love you baby T “she said still hugging her

“Baby T?”

“Yep,cos you’re a badàss baby!”

Flyheart Empire**

Lewis smoked like a devil in his office not minding the fact that the board of directors were there. He puffed out smoke from the cigarette and then placed it on the ashtray

“We have a judas amongst us” Lewis said and picked up another cigarette


“A judas!?”

“Impossible!!” one of the director hollared. Lewis stared at him briefly and then stood

“Our new line of project was kept a secret,a secret that’ll innovate the world. Now fûcking tell me how the hell did the shît got leaked out to the Brown !?!”Lewis yelled and some stuttered.

When he’s in a bad mood, being slient is the only escape route from death

“Screw you and shut up!,This shît was worth billion of dollars. If I found who the son of a bàstard is. I’ll kill him!’ he ranted deadly. A pin drop could be heared as pinch slience occurred

“Fûck it. Dismiss “he waved his hand and immediately the conference room became empty

“Shît, fûck you Ethan,fuvk you!,He gritted his teeth and puffed out smoke.

Lewis took his phone from the glass table and stared at the time. “It’s almost 6:59”,he stood up and walked to the door. He got into his limousine and the chauffer started the drive back to the manison


Both Tikka and Eros wore black outfits. Her hair packed into a ponytail as usual and the black suit she wore fitted her perfectly

She wore huge black shades and made sure to keep a straight face..
What Eros wore is similar to hers the only difference being his hairstyle. He made sure to dye his blonde hair irky black

Lewis stood in front of them dressed in a white suit as usual. Melanie felt extremely nervous;it’s not like it’s her first time attending a party like this but
What if what happened earlier replayed itself?.

She may appear to be okay when she’s been called a slût or a sèx worker but in the inside she’s dying

The long flowing white gown swept the floor as she catwalked in with Lewis who held her arm
So many comments ranted the air but the main question was;
Who is she??

Lewis Flyheart is know as a dangerous person, but know he shows up with an enchanted beauty. Maybe she’s his girlfriend
“I want Laura Brown tonight “he said to both Tikka and Eros

“Yes my lord “they chorused

The party was held at the rooftop of the manison. The placed it got hosted on seemed like a dome;cos of the glassy roof
“Glad you could make it Lewis. It’s an honor that you’re here to help celebrate my success in the technology industry “Ethan shook hands with Lewis

“Don’t mention” Lewis replied between gritted teeth. Ethan glanced at Melanie and smiled widely

“She’s beautiful, expectationally beautiful” Ethan admired trailing his lûstful eyes from her milky tîts that were in view and her left thigh

“Melanie?’ Roger called and she felt her blood running dry

“You’re here. Oh,I guess am too late” Roger said standing right in front of her and Lewis

“Huh??, what do you mean ?”Ethan asked and Roger smiled

“My Lewis,you do nothing more or less but settle for the best. Am telling you Melanie is the sweetest cûnt you’ll ever bang in your life” Roger added and Lewis smiled

“What do you mean ?”Ethan asked

“Well she’s a s…”

“She’s my girlfriend” Lewis cut him off coldly. He stared deep into Roger’s eyes with deadly intents

“She’s my sèx worker and my bîtch. She’s my bîtch and she belongs to me, myself and I”