The easiest ways to immigrate to Canada

The easiest ways to immigrate to Canada

The top three countries to which people emigrate most often for various reasons are represented by Canada, America and Australia. Immigrating to Canada is a convenient way to get the best of life: social security, excellent ecology, prestigious and proven educational institutions, great opportunities for professionals in their field. Canadians are extremely careful with nature and its gifts, so it makes no sense for us to tell you about the clean ecology of this country. The level of income of the “land of maples” is inferior only to Switzerland, the USA and Germany, however, it surpasses the Americans in terms of life expectancy, and the Japanese – in terms of the level of education. Social security in Canada is at a decent level. The government has developed various programs that allow both residents of the country and newcomers, including, and refugees, to feel full social security and state support. Everyone determines for himself the program under which he can go to Canada: whether it is work, study, or entrepreneurship (investment).

Evaluate your chances

The first thing you need to do is analyze your prospects for entering Canada. There are certain criteria by which each candidate is evaluated and the number of points that a person must score in order to receive permission to immigrate. Special attention when assessing the chances (and a visa can be obtained by scoring from 67 to 100 points) is paid to:

  • Education: a full education, confirmed by a diploma (certificate) and the obtained qualification degree is taken into account. That is, the student had to attend classes at least 15 hours a week (maximum 15 points);
  • Work: you must have worked for at least one year in the last ten years in the specialty listed for immigration, and the functional duties listed in the specialty must fully correspond to what you performed while working (21 points);
  • Knowledge of foreign languages: In Canada, the official languages ​​are English and French. Immigration authorities are interested in your level of speaking (conversational), reading, writing and listening skills. If you know one of the two languages ​​listed above better, then it is advisable to specify it for the assessment (the highest score according to this criterion is 24);
  • Age: The most optimal age is 21-49 years (the highest score is 10). If you are not yet 21, or are already 49, you will be deducted 2 points for each missing or extra year;
  • The presence of a call to work: Apart from the official one, other invitations are not considered. Work must be on a permanent basis. Work under a temporary work visa (maximum 10 points) is also equivalent to a job invitation;
  • The rest of the factors: (at most 10 points can be scored here) are additional, however, without a doubt, those that have a positive effect on obtaining a permit to immigrate to Canada. These are being in a registered marriage (living together with a partner), having close relatives (parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents, maternal grandfathers or aunts) who are recognized as immigrants or citizens of Canada. In addition, the education of your spouse or common-law partner can help you, as well as your education.

After you have scored a certain number of points, there are language tests (English or French). The next step is to fill out certain forms with contact details and all information related to the calculation of points. Certain forms are filled out separately for each family member if they are also emigrating. To all this, a foreign passport, a photo of certain sizes, payment for processing a package of documents is added.

Professional immigration to Canada is the most common. Are you a master of your craft, have excellent skills and substantial work experience in your specialty? The country of maples will gladly welcome you.

The door to Canada is always open for savvy businessmen. The country will gladly welcome educated entrepreneurs, confident and persistent investors, private entrepreneurs (significant investments in farming, art, sports).

If you just intend to visit Canada first, it will be easier to get a tourist visa if you have close relatives living in Canada who can act as your guarantor. In this case, they must certify the amount of their permanent income and the taxes paid on it and provide a guarantee that, if necessary, they will be able to help you financially. You, for your part, must be employed in your home country and have a stable income.

Interest in specialists

The most acceptable and the one with minimal risks is a student visa. After graduation, you have a great chance to live and work in Canada. While studying, students can work (a limited number of hours during the study process, and a full day during the holidays), therefore, after graduating from a higher education institution, it is not very difficult to get a job. Given that the country of maple leaves needs high-class specialists and creates all the conditions for their attraction, emigration to Canada is more than just a profitable business.