All You Need To Know About The Symbolic Gift Of The Black Cloak Amir of Qatar Gave To Lionel Messi at Qatar World Cup Final

“What is the significance of the symbolic gift of this black cloak from the Amir of Qatar to Lionel Messi ?”

A number of us in the West have been fortunate to adorn something that bears a remarkable similarity to it for our graduation ceremonies. The humble beginnings of this familiar garment find its origins further East.

Initially these ‘robes of honour’ were adorned by eminent scholars of the religious sciences. Often accompanied by the ‘mortar board’ styled hat designed initially to rest religious scripture on the ‘mortar’ to symbolize the primacy of Scripture over the intellect.

Attire adopted now in many cultures to distinguish those that have excelled in their chosen discipline.

Messi was adorned by his host today as one of the greatest to have graced the beautiful game. It is difficult to argue against this.”

Congratulations to Alhaji Messi Lionel for Winning Fifa World Cup 2022 ✨🥳🎉✊